Transcription Worth appreciation

I have been studying Lalkitab since 1989 and everday I am learning something new from
this Maha Granth. It is like an ocean of mystic knowledge. In my opinion, Lalkitab is a book
on moral science, spirituality and philanthropy. It shows us the way on to live in this world.
I advocate, this book should be read in every house. For me, it is like GURU MAANYO
GRANTH. I appreciate Pt. Beni Madhav Goswami's sincere efforts to transcript 1952 edition.
May noble soul of Pandit Roop Chand Joshi ji keep guiding all Lalkitab followers.
Rajeev K Khattar (Chennai)

Lal Kitab-1952
We are very much thankful to Pt. Beni Madhav Goswami for releasing the last part of hindi
transcription of Lal kitab written by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi. We have already read 1939 Farman,
1940 Arman and 1942 Tamimshuda and found excellent result in practical jyotish. This is a
complete dedication to the society for helping the people to minimize their sorrow and pain.We
hope that this book will help the society for up lifting the living style of people. We pray to
God for maintaing his good health and metal strength for giving his services to the society and
poor people.
PINAKIN SHAH (Jyotish Acharya)
PINAKIN MISTRI(Jyotish Acharya) Ahmedabad (Gujrat)

Great job done indeed
I on my behalf and on the behalf of the entire Lal Kitab community congratulate Pt. Beni
Madhav Goswami, President Akhil Bhartiya Jyotish Swadhyay Sansthan, and his team to
have completed such a monumental task of transcribing in Hindi of such a huge volume.
Great job done indeed.
Varun Trivedi

Tremendous job to transcript
Pandit Beni Madhav Goswami Ji President AKhil Bhartiya Jyotish Swadhyay Sansthan
does not need any introduction in the field of Jyotish. He has proved his intelligence and great
vision doing this tremendous job of transcription work of the book "Lal Kitab" written by Shri.
Pandit Roop Chand Joshi Ji in 1952 in Urdu. "Lal Kitab", World famous Jyotish Book, is
available for general public. I here by convey my best wishes and heartiest support for the
auspicious work done by Goswami Ji for the social welfare. May Lord Yogi Raj Shri. Krishan
Bhagwan Ji bless Pt. Goswami ji for the holy work and give him the heights of Jyotish.
Satya Bodh Dev
(Writer of Yoga for World)

A Scholarly Work
This scholarly effort done by Pt. Daivagya Beni Madhav Goswami, President Akhil
Bhartiya Jyotish Swadhyay Sansthan and his team has fulfilled a void being felt by the
followers and scholars of ''Lal Kitab''. This will cartainly promote the research oriented study
of this new school of astrology ie. the"Lal Kitab" system.
Pt. Ramesh Joshi
Jyotishacharya (Mumbai)

Exemplary Expression
It is a matter of pleasure and pride for me to conveymy best heartiest congratulation to the
exemplary vision of jyotish samrat Shri. pandit Beni Madav Goswami ji, being our mentor and
making us available for reading their Hindi version of ''Lal Kitab" written in urdu by Shri.
Pandit Roop Chand Joshi ji in 1939 & thus communicating the jyotish work of this Sansar for
holy welfare. May God bless Shri. Beni Madhav ji Goswami for the same.
Shri. Mahesh Khullar Mantri
Uttri Paschimi Mandal (Arya Samaj)

The great work
I feel privileged to claim that. I am among those who could gain the confidence of Lala
Panna Lal ji, a veteran follower of "Lal Kitab" system of astrology. I persued my studies, my
career and family affairs under the guidance of "Lal Kitab" through Lala ji. It gives me, great
pleasure now to congralulate Dr. Beni Madhav Goswami, president Akhil Bhartiya Jyotish
Swadhyay Sansthan and his team for presenting the transcription it will prove its worth among
"Lal Kitab" lovers in Hindi (Davanagari Script) of all the 5 volumes of "Lal Kitab"
Pawan K. Sharma
(Addl. Commissiener, Municipal Corporation ) Chandigarh

Historical work by Goswami Ji
Inspite of being a westner, I became interested in Hindu astrology back in 1979, when I
met my mentor the late veteran astrologer, Manik Chand Jain My, entensive correspondecne
with him, gave an insight in to Indian systems of astrology. In the year 1982, I came to know
about the "Lal Kitab", a new system of astrology and its expounder Pt. Roop Chand Joshi.
The system fasinated me and I got involved in it. Around 2003 the English of "Lal Kitab"
1952 by Pt. B.M. Goswami was released which became a major source of information for me
regarding "Lal Kitab". It gives me a great pleasure to congratulate Sh. Goswami for presenting
his transcription of "Lal Kitab" in Devnagari (Hindi). I hope that the Book would prove to
be a historical effort.
Finn Wandahl,
Copenhegcn, Denmark

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