Samudrik Ki Lal Kitab
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Remedies Of Lal Kitab
General Remedies of Various Planets
A- Jupiter

1Wear gold or yellow sapphire.
Wear yellow clothes.

2Keep fast on Thursday.

3Dry your nose before starting work.

4Water Peepal tree.

5Keep summit.

6Serve a Brahmin, family priest, elders, Sadhu, guru.

7. Haripujan.

8. Mix water saffron or turmeric with water in a silver base and apply on forehead.

9. Give coffin cloth to an unclaimed body.

10. Visit temple. (Do not make a temple at home).

11. Donate yellow clothes.



B- Sun

1. Wear a ruby or copper.

2. Keep fast on Sundays.

3. Wear a white or pink turban or cap.

4. Keep a door in East and Courtyard open.

5. Haribans katha

6. Serve government officers.

7. Donate wheat, jaggery, copper

8. Serve a monkey

9. Serve rice/sesame to ants in late evening.

10. Nails of copper in bed

11. Offering of food to fire before meals.

12. Donate brown colour items
D - Venus

1Wear diamond.

2Fast on Fridays

3Worship Goddesses Lakshmi.

4Wear silver/platinum.

5Serve a cow. Donate a calf.

6Use scents/perfumes.

7Wear white.

8Look after people

9Donate curd or white things
E - Mars

1Fast on Tuesdays.

2Wear coral/gold/copper.

3Plant aneem tree.

4Respect and look after your brother.

5. Gayatrijaap.

1Donate sugarcakes/sugar-sesame balls in a temple.

2Feast/serve sweet food.

3Keep red lentils by bedside and give it to sweeper (not domestic) /throw in flowing water in the morning.
C- Moon

1. Wear white pearl/silver.

2. Fast on Mondays.

3. Worship Lord Shiva/visit Amarnath (Kashmir).

4. Silver nails in the bed.

5. Milk/water kicker tree.

6. Service mother, her mother, grandmother, mother-in-law.

7. A square water tank on roof.

8. Drink milk/water in silver glass.

9. B athe in running water

10. Well/hand pump at home.

11. Visit mountains.

12. Keep rain stones, rice, silver at home.

13. Donate white things.
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