Samudrik Ki Lal Kitab
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Principles Of Lal Kitab ?
9. Enemy Party

Sun is enemy of Saturn, Venus of Sun, Jupiter of Venus, Mercury of Jupiter, Moon of Mercury, Ketu of Moon; Mars negative of Ketu; and Rahu is enemy of all
10. Friendly Party:

Moon is a friend of Sun, Jupiter of Moon, Mars (positive) of Jupiter, Rahu of Mars (positive), Mercury of Rahu, Saturn of Mercury, Venus of Saturn, Ketu is a friend of Venus.

11. Different Parts of Body are Controlled
as Under:

Liver (Mars), Heart (Moon), Torso (headless body) (Ketu), Brain and tongue (Mercury), Sight and assessment (Saturn), Head (Rahu) and Neck (Jupiter). Thus, Jupiter (neck) controls the entire humanity (RahuHead, Ketu-Torso) i.e., this world and the world thereafter. It combines strength of all planets of the known world. Hence, it does not have enmity with anyone. Rahu is guide of head, Ketu grips the feet.

12. Mutual Friendship and Enmity of Planets
Sun, Mars,
Mercury (which
would become
dormant with sun)
Jupiter, Mars,
Venus- Sat- Rahu
(Full eclipse with
Rahu, partial
Venus, Saturn,
Mars, Jupiter
Sun, Mercury
with Ketu).
Full eclipse with
Ketu, Partial
Mars, Jupiter
Mercury, Ketu
with Rahu.
Venus, Saturn,
Rahu (Rahu is
dormant with Mars)
Sun, Moon,
Sun, Moon,
Mercury and
Satrun, Ketu
Mars, Jupiter
Sun, Venus,

Ketu, Jupiter
Mercury, Venus,
Jupiter, Moon
(Moon will partially
fade out with Rahu)
Saturn, Ketu
Sun, Ven, Mars
Jupiter, Saturn,
Mercury, and Sun
(Sun will partially
fadeout with Ketu
Venus, Rahu
Moon, Mars.
Notes :-
1.) Moon and Venus are even/equivalent, but Moon is inimical to Venus.
Mars is even with Saturn, but Saturn is inimical to Mars, Jupiter

40 Days of Grace
16. The effect of benefic or malefic planets cannot come before the scheduled time and neither can it remain so after due time. However, the fleet of help given by benefic planets can continue even after due time. 40 days of grace from the end of the effect of one planet till the ln’j’jniiing of another (i.e. even after 40 days after due period), the effect if malefic planet can still be felt. Generally, benefic and helpful planets i-ITixt can be considered to have started 40 days before schedule. The cumulative effect would be valid only for 40 days and there would be no separate effect of 40 days for each of the planets. These are called 40 days of grace. On this basis, 40 days after the birth of a child and 40 days after the death are observed with piety,

In order to obviate lengthy mathematical calculations of 28 i iMiMcllalions and 12 signs generally 40 days (28+12) or at the most. 43 (Miu’c days arc considered as the period of completion of a remedy. This iHlefts ilsfir in the form of occurrence events connected with benefic (OrtluMs or adverse effect of evil planets. For example, if any annual I’l’ilnd ends on March 31, next year would start from the 1s’ of April. If tin- liiMl year was extremely bad, hopes of good period on the basis of |imillon/tnovemcnt of planets of next year surface. Supposing Moon in House No.2 or Jupiter in No.4 (which generally give benefic H. No.2 (religious place), 5 (offspring), 8 (Death) and 11 (Religious court) would always be considered separate.
Evil planets : Would be always mean the three: Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn.
Pure evil : Only Rahu and Ketu

25. Two Parts of Mars: Positive (Benefit:) Negative (Malefic) Sun-Mercury joint (Mars benefic) carry the temper of Ketu. Sun-Saturn (Mars malefic) carry the temper of Rahu.

26. Mercury: Sun-Saturn (day-night together) make a blank Mercury. If these are in malefic Hs. or in such Hs. where either Sun or Saturn is malefic, not only Sun (for 22-years) and Saturn (for 36 years) would be considered as debilitated, even Mars wouid be Mars (negative) and Rahu too would be malefic (irrespective of position of Rahu.and Mars and even if they enjoy high and exalted position).

27. Blind Planets: If H. No.10 is being vitiated due to mutual enmity of posited planets or debilitated planets, then that horoscope would comprise of blind planets and all planets, including Saturn itself even posited in exaltation Hs., would give results like the blind (for details see Saturn in H. No. 10).

28. Half-Blind Planets: These are such planets, which are like the human beings which can see during the day but become blind at the night. For example, if a chart has, fourth Sun and seventh Saturn, it would be called a chart of half-blind planets.

29. Pious Planets: Saturn, Rah j and Ketu are three evil planets, but Rahu and Ketu in H. No.4 swear before Moon that they would abandon sin. Saturn in H. No.l 1 in obeisance to Jupiter decides about the sins committed by Rahu and Ketu. That is to say, if Rahu or Ketu be in H. No.4 or any other H. along with Moon: and Saturn is in H. No.l 1 or any other H. with Jupiter, in such a chart both Rahu and Ketu will not give malefic effects. All other planets would be pious / religious, but that does not mean that evil planets in such a condition will definitely give benefic results. The certainty is only to the effect that they will not commit sins (give malefic results).

30. Companion Planets:
When planets are posited in exchange relationship by virtue of their designated sign or in houses in which they get exalted or are united though their roots with respect to their fixed houses, they are called ‘companionplanets’. For example, Sun’s fixed H. is No.5 and that of Saturn is No.10. Now if Saturn be in No.5 and Sun in No.10 then both arc called ‘Mutual Companion Planets’, (and would give results like conjoined/joint planets). The dividing line of each House of the Chart is porous for neighboring planets if they are friendly, but it keeps the enemy planets apart. Friendly planets posited in adjoining houses also become companions. They will not harm each other, but two enemies in adjoining houses would be kept apart by the dividing lines.

31. Planets in Confrontation: If friendly planets are so posited that either or all of them get polluted through their roots by an enemy planet, then they would be called to be in a state of confrontation.
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